Thursday, February 22, 2007

Extra Push

One of my secondary February goals was to start attending Tae Kwon Do classes again.

Well... Valentine's Day came and went, and I still hadn't stepped foot in the dojo.

So I just took a deep breath, called my school and said, "Hey! You may not remember me. This is Midnight Raider. I took a break from class, but I'd like to come back. In fact, I'll be returning to class on Wednesday night."

Fortunately, they remembered me.

That phone call was the extra push I needed. I needed a commitment. A vow. A promise I had to keep. It motivated me. Forced me to actually go to class.

So last night I went to TKD class... my first in months.

And I'm so glad I did it! It was a lot of fun... a great workout, too! I went to the beginner class instead of the intermediate one (just to kind of ease back into things). And the warm-up was pretty difficult.

I'm going to commit to at least one class a week. Two is ideal, but one would be better than nothing.


Fatinah said...

Way to go!

Cory said...

That's fantastic!! Congrats on getting back out there!! Once you get back to something, you want to keep it up.

Gripperm said...

Great Job!