Thursday, December 28, 2006


I've joined the 12 Months of Health, Fitness & Fun Challenge!

I find that personal challenges work better for me than simply setting goals--although they're both kind of the same thing. Perhaps it's simply that the word "challenge" brings out my inner competitive streak... the side of me that wants to achieve. "Goals," on the other hand, feel too much like something my boss would say at a luncheon meeting.

For January, I am striving to eat one piece of fruit each day. I know that lots of fruit has been linked to lower rates of lung cancer--a worry for me, since I'm an ex-smoker. I dislike fruit (it's too sweet), but I'm going to make an effort to eat a serving each day in January. Maybe it will become a habit.

My overall routine has gone down the toilet this week thanks to the holidays and my hangover. But I'm back on track today, with a short 3 mile run and plenty of stretching.

Going out to dinner tonight (calories, calories, calories!), but at least I'm dining at a place that I know serves reasonable portions. And I'm limiting myself to 1/2 glass of red wine only! No more hangovers for me (at least, not until New Year's Day).

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Michelle said...

Hi Morgan!

Thank you for taking on the challenge with me! I think 2007 is going to bring us lots of wonderful changes in our lives!

Take care,