Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Personal Demons

I'm battling my personal demon today...

Also Known As: The Hangover

Ah... The Hangover. A throbbing headache. A queasy stomach. A tongue that feels coated in cotton.

The Hangover is a dangerous demon. He tempts me with unhealthy foods like bagels and sugary beverages, promising that these diet traps will ease my pains and settle my stomach. He lures me into a state of laziness, whispering speeches about the evils of exercise in my ear.

Yes, The Hangover is a dangerous demon.

And, like the foolish human I am, I am solely responsible for waking him from his slumber. Rather than utilizing the tricks that would keep him away--like drinking non-alcoholic beverages--I call him forth from the pits of hell with the song of red wine.

I have no one to blame but myself.


Kellie said...

Just cruisin by through another blog. Nice post! I can see him stirring myself. He will likely erupt from the bowels of hell next Monday!! Thanks for the glimpse into my future!!!

digsite said...

I hope you've gotten over the hangover by now. :) I have heard that drinking plenty of water and probably taking an Emergen-C could help get over a hangover quicker.

I haven't been able to drink enough to get drunk in years, tho, so I'm outta practice.