Thursday, December 14, 2006

Fighting temptation

My biggest temptation yesterday didn't present itself in the form of French fries, pasta or pierogies.

It was running that called to me. Whispered my name, like a tiny little devil in the distance.

"Come run with meeeeee... You know you want to. Just run with meeeeee..."

Although there are things I hate about running (such as actually forcing my body to move), there are also things I love about it. The feeling of strength. The self-satisfaction. The belief that I can achieve anything.

And sometimes, I just want to skip my strength training workouts and go for a run instead.

So why fight the temptation?

I am very prone to injury. History has taught me that pushing myself too far and too fast only results in an injury--like a stress fracture--that will put me out of the ballgame for months. If I want to run for the long haul, I gotta take it easy. I have to build mileage and speed slowly. (Check out my HM training program, and you'll see it's extremely conservative.)

So I can't do any extra miles. I can't add another run to my week. That's just asking for disaster.

Instead, I had to wait for today. Today is a "run day." And I am so happy about that!

But resisting my little "running devil" is sometimes harder than resisting a big plate of pierogies.


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Annieann77 said...

I just love that day after pain from working out! It makes you feel like you actually accomplished something ! Feel the burn baby! LOL