Friday, December 8, 2006

Ready to run...

After yesterday's self-induced coma, I feel ready to go for a nice, long run.

Come on, hills,
I say, you can't hurt me.

I do need to learn to moderate my wine intake, however. It's probably my one big diet downfall. (Besides pierogies, pizza and pasta. Oh, and French fries. And soft, white rolls slathered with Earth Balance margarine...)

History tells me that I can enjoy a glass of wine or two with dinner, and then still have a good/decent workout the next day.

But add some poker with friends and a few more glasses of wine to the evening, and I'm dragging my ass the next day.

And, unfortunately, the treadmill does not have an ass drag setting.

Moderation is key. (Surprise. Surprise.)

So my new goal: Limit myself to two (small) glasses of wine in any single evening.

See how smart I am? I set a goal like this in the middle of holiday season, when parties are scheduled for almost every weekend, and the wine flows freely.

I always have liked a challenge.

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