Friday, December 1, 2006

Sometimes, freedom isn't a good thing

According to my workout schedule for my Half Marathon training, Fridays have a little built-in flexibility. I can either walk/run or cross-train.

That means I can walk/run, get on the elliptical, create a circuit plan, do some bodyweight exercises, practice some martial arts drills, jump on the recumbent bike, hit the punching bag...

Too... many... choices... Must... lie... down...

The great thing about having a plan committed to writing--no need to think, worry or stress about the day's workout.

But I did allow myself one day a week--every Friday--where I have a choice about my workout for the day. I did it mostly because I wanted the flexibility to do what feels best for my body. If things are rough one week, and I feel like I've just gotten worked over by 12 Hell's Angels, I want to be able to keep it easy with something simple like yoga. On the other hand, if I feel like SuperGirl on steroids, I want the flexibility to kick things up a notch and do a vigorous workout.

Then there are days like today. Windy, rainy days that make me feel a little bit down. I don't feel bad--I could do a regular workout--but I don't feel super energetic, either.

What to do... what to do...?

I think I'll go with the elliptical. It's low impact. Simple. And it requires little thought.

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