Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Cross Training

Ok. We all know that cross training is beneficial, right? In fact, I plan for two or three cross training days each week.

For me, "cross training" means a non-running activity. Typically I do one of these:
  • Dance (I just crank up the tunes in my living room and shake my booty. Yes, I'm a total dweeb.)
  • Elliptical
  • Circuit (Depending on my mood, I'll pick an assortment of exercises like elliptical, stationary bike, body weight exercises and heavy bag. I'll do each one for five minutes, alternating between exercises to create a "circuit.")
In the not-so-distant past, I also practiced martial arts--specifically Tae Kwon Do--for cross training exercise. Earlier this year, my mother fell ill and my overall level of daily stress shot up to astronomical levels. Because of this, I took an extended vacation from TKD classes. (The vacation ended up being way more extended than I expected or hoped. But once I fell off the wagon, it was a lot harder to hop back on.)

Obtaining a black belt is a personal life goal of mine, however, so I've been thinking about returning to class after the new year. My mom is pretty much healthy again, and my stress levels have decreased somewhat.

So... I've been chewing on the idea of going back to TKD class.

Guess who calls last night. My TKD school. It's the first time I've heard from them in months.

Essentially, they were just checking in with me. "How are you? How have you been?"

Fate? Coincidence? Perhaps they know that many people recommit to martial arts as a New Year's resolution. Perhaps they were reviewing their books for tax season and realized that I'm still paying for classes.

Whatever. I'll just assume it's a sign of some kind. It's the easiest way to convince myself that returning to TKD classes is a good idea.

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