Friday, December 22, 2006


I am not the type of person who compensates for calories. If I eat something I shouldn't--like a big bowl of pasta or some French fries--I don't add an extra 20 minutes to my workout in an effort to "make up" for those additional calories. I just kind of shrug it off and assume it all evens out in the end. Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't. I have a hard time losing weight, but I maintain without much of a problem.

However, last night I really went overboard. Ate at a Mexican restaurant with my friends, where I consumed two (that's right... TWO) "monster" margaritas and enough fried tortilla chips & salsa to feed a third world country.

I made some very poor food decisions last night.

In fact, I had a tummy ache all evening long.

So, although I don't normally compensate for calories, I may add a little extra oomph to my workout today. New Year's Eve is approaching, and I plan on wearing a slinky black dress. Gotta be able to squeeze into it, especially since it's too low-cut in the back to wear any type of "shaping" undergarments.

Today is my cross training or walk/run day. I am opting to cross train, but I have no real plan yet. I am thinking yoga, 'cause I need to do some flexibility training, and maybe a circuit that includes TKD exercises (so I can get back on track for when I return to class).

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