Thursday, March 15, 2007

About to make a bad decision...

I got some bad news at work today.

Short version: During the past six months or so, I've taken on a lot of extra responsibilities. It's significantly increased my workload.

Well, this week was review time. And I just got the news: a piddly--barely-cost-of-living--raise.

After taxes, I end up making an extra diddly-squat each paycheck.

It's even more insulting because they claim to be "happy" with my work, and there was nothing negative in my review.

I am not very good at negotiating, and I don't like making waves at work. (Probably one of the reasons I get my ass handed to me.)

Fortunately, this news does not make me want to eat a bunch of junk food.

Unfortunately, it makes me want to drink a bottle of wine and smoke a pack of cigarettes.

I'm wavering between screaming and crying, and I am not normally the kind of person that freaks about stuff like this.

But I just feel as if I've been slapped.


Cory said...

I know EXACTLY how you feel. It's that way for me every year.

Fatinah said...

That really sucks!
Perhaps there were budget constraints and they did the best they could? (Just trying find an upside here...)
Anyhow, have a good cry, scream and then let it go! Or you will find it sabotaging you!!!!