Monday, March 19, 2007

Apples And Pears

My weight has stalled.

Although my muscles seem to be getting bigger and stronger, my belly is still the same size.

My tummy is really my big problem. Unlike most women, who tend to be pear shaped, I am a classic apple. I carry my extra flab right around my stomach (and a bit around my arms).

Sure, my tushy is squishy... at least, squishier than it used to be. But the big problem is the extra rolls around my midsection. I get "muffin top" no matter which pants I wear!

Most people know that spot reduction doesn't work. Unless I resort to surgery, I can't force the fat to melt off my tummy area. Instead, I have to lose body fat in general, and (hopefully), my belly will eventually shrink, too.

But, at the moment, my fat doesn't seem to be going anywhere. It has, apparently, made itself right at home on my body.

Guess I'm going to have to evict it!


Cory said...

Belly fat is the hardest for me to get rid of too! Which is rather annoying to say the least. Just keep working, it'll happen evenutally!

Tigerlilly said...

Same here girl! I have resorted to wearing the babydoll shirts... or better yet, maternity shirts... so that my mushroom tops dont completely embarrase me. Lucky my boobs are still really big, so it allows the shirt to hang straight down! LOL

Anyway... my hubby (and trainer) has me doing the Tae Bo Abs workouts... it is alot of twisting, standing leg lifts.. stuff like that... but he says that you have to get your stomach and back muscles strong so that they can burn that fat around the mid section.

Good luck.. if you find a miracle cure.. let me know k?!!

Annieann77 said...

I heard that "muffin top" saying for the first time just the other day and thought it was a cute way of saying "spare tire" ! My hubby sometimes calls it a "mushroom top" instead? LOL