Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Finding Motivation

The alarm clock buzzes. It's cold in the bedroom, but warm under the covers. I can still feel the ache from the previous day's weight lifting session. And the "snooze" button looks so inviting…

Some days it's hard to motivate myself to exercise. Sheer laziness takes over my body, and my brain sends me little messages.

Go sit on the couch. You love the couch. The couch is good.

On those days, I have to find my motivation within. Sometimes I turn to one of these thoughts:

• My body is a gift from God, and it's my responsibility to take care of it.
• Exercising will help lengthen my life.
• My workouts improve my endurance, boost my strength and relieve stress.
• There may be days I don't feel like exercising, but I never regret it once I start.
• I am fortunate to have the strength and health to move my body.
• Each workout I skip is like breaking a promise to myself.
• Physical fitness enhances the quality of my life.
• This summer I will wear a tank top without shame.

It's not always easy to find the motivation to exercise. And I admit that some days I fail. But I consider each failure a lesson learned. The days when my motivational statements don't work, I know it's time to create something new. It's time to search for another form of motivation to get me over the hump.


Robyn said...

Oh I totally feel you on this one...I'm such a sucker for sleeping in. Good for you for making a list of motivators - all of them very good reasons!

Meghan said...

These motivators are awesome! I'm definitely going to keep them in mind tomorrow when it's freezing cold and I have to get out of bed to go the gym!

Michelle said...

You totally rock, girlfriend!! Unlike me, who chose to stay under the warm covers this morning LOL! But!! I am working out at lunch today, so that's pretty good :) Have an awesome day!

Tigerlilly said...

Hope you dont mind but I copied your inspirational lines and am posting them on my bathroom mirror. :)

Speaking of working out... I better go! Thanks for the motivation... that was a great blog to read this morning.