Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Toasters And Skinjobs

I am not a sci-fi fan. Hubby, however, loves all things science fiction (as well as tech gadgets and "how it works" TV shows).

Because of this, he's been regularly watching the new Battlestar Galactica series. And, I have to confess, there's something very entertaining about this show. Despite my initial reluctance, I now know all about "Skinjobs" and "Toasters."

Think of "sci-fi" socializing, and you're likely to envision a Star Trek conference (complete with Vulcan ears and Klingon masks). However, the Internet has created an entire new way for science fans to interact. One of the newest possibilities is, a community for anyone interested in science hobbies, tech toys and science fiction. The free membership includes things like blogs, photos, message boards and chat! So now it's easy to contact and socialize with other folks who want to debate the merits of classic "Star Trek" versus "Star Trek: The Next Generation."

This Sci-Edge site will launch on April 2. If you're a fan of all things science, this may be a great place for meeting likeminded folks with similar interests.

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