Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Home Gym Lighting

In the basement of my house, I'm fortunate enough to have a makeshift home gym that includes a treadmill, elliptical machine, recumbent stationary bike, free weights, Olympic weight set, bench with lat pulldown bar, and various accessories (like a jump rope, stability ball and yoga mat). Lest you think I'm wealthy (I'm not), these items were acquired gradually over the course of many years, and some belonged to my husband when he was single.

So what's the problem? Unfortunately, my basement is "unfinished." This means concrete walls, concrete floor, exposed insulation in the ceiling, and other nastiness. Moreover, we have a total of 3 single light bulbs to illuminate the space. Unfortunately, this often means I have to squint to see the panel on the treadmill.

Hubby and I have considered finishing our basement and adding drywall, flooring and new lighting. As a result, I've been eyeing up light fixtures that can be easily installed by my handy husband. I recently checked out the collection available at ShopPremier.com. Since I tend to sweat while I'm exercising (Who doesn't?), I was especially interested in their ceiling fan/light combinations. One of them, the 52" French Quarter, was very attractive in appearance. It was also the least expensive one in the group.

Unfortunately, it will probably be a few years until we get around to making the basement a more pleasant place to exercise. Until then, I'll just sweat amid the cobwebs and concrete.