Thursday, March 29, 2007

How Would You Spend $127?

As I mentioned in a previous post, I occasionally write (PPP) reviews here at In Pursuit Of Fitness. PPP pays people to write reviews--or blatantly advertise--on their blogs.

So far I've earned a total of $127, which should be in my hands within thirty days or so.

And though $127 won't buy me a vacation or even a weekend getaway, it will get me a few luxury items that I normally wouldn't purchase.

I've already purchased my allotted "summer" clothing for the year (I usually allow myself three or four new clothing items every summer and three or four items every winter). However, I'd like to have one or two more dresses. So first I'll use my $127 to buy two cute little sundresses. Now some of you fashion divas may think $127 isn't enough to buy even one dress. But I am a total bargain shopper. I don't mind shopping secondhand, and I often buy clothing on eBay. Generally speaking, I spend about $10-$20 on a dress. Two dresses will cost me about $40.

Next I would really like to buy some new running gear. Nothing fancy, just a few things to make my life easier. I could use a new set of earbuds for my iPod--the headphones I have now sometimes shock me when I get too sweaty. They're not a necessity, but they would make my runs a little more comfortable. I'd also like to invest in a pair of shorts with a fuel pocket so I can carry my Sport Beans and Sharkies. Specialty gear is expensive--and running gear is no exception--so those two items will probably blow about $60 of my PPP cash.

Finally, with the remaining $27, I'll probably buy some new cosmetics. I love trying new lip glosses and lip sticks, plus I could use some new nail polish for the upcoming summer months. Got to keep my toes pretty!

So how would you spend an extra $127?


Cory said...

I would probably put some back to pay for the books I want to buy this summer and spend the rest on bills. I have bills I can't afford to pay right now. Maybe I should try taking this up..

digsite said...

I'd probably deposit it in the bank to pay the usual bills or pocket it and use for lunch money.

Any "toys" I really want will cost more than 600 so if I don't do the above, I'd save it till I had enough for that new camera I want so much. ;)