Monday, March 5, 2007

Cell Phones For Running

Hubby and I recently needed new cell phones. Ours were old and outdated. His had so many chips and nicks that the phone looked like it doubled as a battering ram. Mine was in better condition--I use it less--but I had a specific need.

As many of you know, I often run outside. By the time I hit 7 miles or so, I'm pretty far from home. My runs take me through various areas--some very rural, just dotted with farmhouses every quarter mile or so. I also run through some housing developments and residential areas. Because I'm a woman--and I often run alone--I like to carry my cell phone with me. But I hate the feel of a bulky phone banging and rubbing against me. And if I'm not wearing a jacket, my pockets are usually limited to tiny little things (that barely fit a bag of Sports Beans).

My local cellular phone store had a poor selection of phones. Everything offered was big and bulky, with extras that I don't need (like MP3 players or full keypads). Fortunately, offers a huge selection of cell phones for almost every major cellular phone service. Better still, most of the phones are free when you sign a contract.

If you need a phone for running--like me--that's super sleek and small, you can bypass all the techie phones and go for something basic. Some of the RAZR cell phones are super slim and very light. lists the weight of each phone. Anything under 3.0 ounces is likely to be so light that you won't even realize you're running with it.

On the other hand, if you're a total techie, you probably want a phone that's loaded AND light. Fortunately, you can find plenty of options on The Blackberry Pearl is just a little over 3 ounces, and it includes email, Bluetooth, camera, MP3 player and more.

If you're in the market for new cell phones, make sure you check the options at

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