Monday, March 19, 2007

NY Travel

Hubby and I do some light traveling--he has to attend conferences for his job. As a result, I always do heavy research prior to our trips. Generally, I have to find things like vegetarian restaurants and a hotel with a gym (or a fitness center that offers one or two day guest passes). I also try to find out about safe running routes, plus activities that might be interesting, like shows or spas.

That's when websites like come in handy (if I ever visit New York). This site discusses everything relevant to NYC sports & travel, including insider tips about things like sushi restaurants, transportation, museums and hotels. Checking out these types of sites makes it a little bit easier for me to plan our trips.

As someone who tries to maintain a healthy diet, the restaurant reviews are particularly relevant to me. Right now the information is limited--mostly covering the red meat category--but the site has potential.

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