Friday, March 30, 2007

Need YOUR Fashion Help!

Hubby and I have been invited to a formal fund-raising dinner event ($150 a plate). There's no actual invitation, and we've asked two of the event coordinators about the dress. Both have said it is "Black Tie." In my world, that means tuxes for men, long evening dresses for women. However, one of the coordinators said, "Oh, it's quite fancy. It's Black Tie. I saw the photos from last year and some people were wearing tuxes. Most men had really nice suits on."

This tells me that she actually means the event is "Black Tie Optional," despite the fact that she repeatedly referred to it as "Black Tie."

Hubby doesn't own a tux.

My question: Should he wear a tux or a black suit? Is a short cocktail dress appropriate for me, or should I go long? (I hate wearing long dresses... they make me look short.)

What are your thoughts? What would YOU do?


Cory said...

I would probably go with the suit and short dress. Especially since she really seemed to mean black tie optional. Then again, I don't own anything nicer!

Paige said...

I agree that it seems she meant "Black Tie Optional" I'd have hubby wear a suit and you wear a cocktail outfit or pants suit.

jeannie* said...

I think I agree with Cory and Paige. I'd to with assuming its black tie optional. If the coordinator saw pictures from last year and SOME men had tuxes on then I'd say your hubby is fine in a black suit and you in a cocktail dress. And if you're nervous just dress your outfit up with some nice accessories! Buy a new pair of shoes or earings :)

Maria said...

Hello.. I have just wandered into your blog via Michelle's. I'm from Australia. I agree with the other girls, black suit and cocktail dress should be fine. You'll probably see people a lot more 'under dressed' than you would have imagined. And even over dressed. Be content with your choice and enjoy the night :-)