Monday, March 19, 2007

"Bar Tan"

A few people asked the definition of a "bar tan" after my 100 Things About Me post.

I Googled the term and was surprised to find no definitions--at least, not as I define the phrase. In my college days, we frequently referred to "bar tans." says a "bar room tan" is the redness of an alcoholic's face due to broken blood vessels from years of alcohol abuse. This isn't quite the meaning I attribute to the term.

In my social circle, a "bar tan" is the red flush that accompanies drinking an alcoholic beverage. Here's what says about it:

"On the skin, alcohol causes dilation of surface capillaries (tiny blood vessels), resulting in facial flushing and a pinkish-red hue to the cheeks."

Asian people are more prone to this redness--even after just one or two drinks. (See this Go Ask Alice! article.)

Basically, whenever I have a drink or two, I always end up with a flushed face that I call a "bar tan."


Anonymous said...

So that's what Bar Tan means!

RE: Calories from Gatorade -

Gatorade is actually lower per 250ml/8oz serving then other Sport Drinks such as eLoad and Heed.

The sugar content is equal to other sport drinks except Ultima(sugar free, sweetened w/ sucralose type ingreds)

On a long run I calculate the calories needed and adjust what I eat or drink accordingly.

IMO, worrying about "extra" calories from my drink isn't worth it on a long run. It's the calories I'll cram into me AFTER that worry me :)

Tigerlilly said...

So thats what you call it... huh. Never new. But I do know that in my 6 years of being a serious partier the first drink always made my face hot and flushed!

Kellie said...

You can't know how much your support means to me right now!! I really appreciate your kindness and hope to return the favor some day!! Thanks for the comment!

Gripperm said...

I thought that was what the term Gin Blossoms meant

JOY said...

Nice to know what it means - I did wonder but didn't want to feel silly by asking!