Thursday, March 1, 2007

Cheaper Workout Clothes

When I first started exercising, I only needed one small drawer to store my workout clothes. As my pursuit of fitness continued, I started adding more items to my collection. I now have clothing for winter, spring, summer and fall. I have moisture wicking shirts, thermal wear and super-supportive sports bras. I have socks designed to prevent blisters and cold weather running tights.

In short, I had to move my fitness clothing to a bigger drawer.

However, buying all this workout clothing can cause a big dent in my budget. Because they're "specialized" items, they're usually more expensive than the standard cotton tee-shirt. As a result, I am always looking for bargains, sales and deals to help cut costs.

Since I do a lot of my shopping online, I rely on coupon websites like Coupon Chief to save me money. This website lists all sorts of coupon and discount codes that can be used at online stores, such as 10% off a purchase or free shipping.

The website even includes coupons for one of my favorite sporting goods stores: Sierra Trading Post. Although the store is designed mostly for outdoors sports, they offer a wide selection of basic athletic gear. I've purchased everything from running shorts to moisture wicking shirts at this store. They are almost always offering some sort of coupon or bargain, and you can find a list of Sierra Trading Post deals here.


Kristin said...

I'm always looking for deals on work out clothes, that website will help for sure. One can never have enough clothes to work out in, it gives me more motivation to actually use them!

Anonymous said...

If there is ever a BIG race in your town that holds a race expo, check it out as well.
They will have good deals.

Not sure if Winners is in the states or not but you can score good deals on workout clothes there.

I have bought my Asics there for $50CDN. They are usually $169 at a running store!

WalMart carries a line that is very similiar to UnderArmor but is 3/4 of the price. Just can't recall the name of it!

I LOVE buying training/workout clothes too!

Justin said...
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