Thursday, March 15, 2007


Last night Hubby and I had to do some shopping. We're remodeling our bathroom, so Lowes and Home Depot were on the list. And we needed groceries.

By the time we finished at the hardware stores, my tummy was gurgling. I was soooooo hungry!

(Side note: The problem with eating "mini meals" is that when hunger strikes me, it tends to strike fast and furious. Mini meals mostly keep me from getting too hungry--when I plan smart. But when I fail to plain, I sometimes end up ravenous.)

It's always a big mistake to get too hungry. I should carry a snack bar for these times. Unfortunately, I was not prepared.

Hubby offered two choices:

1. The local Mexican restaurant. They bring out a free basket of fried corn tortilla chips and a bowl of their tasty salsa. My typical meal there is Mexican rice and crunchy bean tacos.

2. Ruby Tuesday's. We hate chains, but RT has the best salad bar in the area (and it was right next door to Lowe's.) I sometimes get the burger, but the salad bar can make a full meal for me.

Obviously the smarter choice would have been Ruby Tuesday's salad bar. I opted for the chips and salsa instead.

I guess it's no surprise that my tummy is still flabby.

But at least I didn't drink a Margarita!

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Fatinah said...

See, you didn't have the margs - HUGE NSV! Way to go!!!!!