Thursday, March 29, 2007

Beer, Wine And Booze

As many of you know, I enjoy the occasional glass of wine. And, at times, one or two glasses can turn into three or four. Moreover, there have been times during my life when I've imbibed almost every night of week. In fact, I've even tried "no alcohol" challenges.

Although I've never worried about having an actual addiction--mostly because there have been many periods of my life when I'm a teetotaler for months at a time--I do realize that alcohol addiction is something I should be constantly vigilant about. Since I'm adopted, I don't know my family history. It's quite possible that a predisposition to alcoholism is part of my genetic makeup.

Moreover, I have quite a few friends who are regular, fairly-heavy drinkers. Indeed, I've expressed mild concern to them about the frequency and quantity of their alcoholic beverage consumption.

If I--or a loved one--should ever need help battling an addiction, it's comforting to know we can go to places like The Watershed for help. The Watershed is an addiction treatment program with facilities in Florida and Texas. Designed for both Alcohol and Drug Treatment, the facilities offer medical care, therapy and counseling. If you need help, they have detoxification services and psychiatric care, too.

The website offers lots of help to get you started, including an assessment quiz to determine if you have an addiction problem. There's also a 24-hour 1-800 number you can call for help.

I certainly hope that neither myself nor any of my friends ever need this type of treatment. However, if we should, I'm glad caring, professional services are available at facilities like The Watershed.

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