Thursday, March 8, 2007

Finding Time To Exercise

One of the most cited reasons for lack of physical activity is "I have no time to exercise." However, there are plenty of CEOs, politicians, store clerks, nurses and parents who manage to squeeze a regular workout into their schedules.

I'm not the best at managing my time, so I'm always looking for time management advice, like the kind at The website includes lots of tips and tricks for finding more minutes in the day, and includes information about making lists, setting priorities and dealing with procrastination.

I've often said that working out in the mornings would help me manage my exercise time better. Unfortunately, I haven't yet been able to drag my body out of bed at the crack of dawn. However, I have learned to rearrange my priorities to ensure I find time for workouts. If I skip a workout these days, it's not because I don't have the time. (Instead, it's usually because I'm lazy.)

If I learn a few more time management tricks, however, I may be able to find a way to schedule my day so that I can exercise in the morning. And that's a goal I'm anxious to achieve!

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the veggie paparazzo said...

I've definitely gotten into the habit of working out where I just go do it right after work. Not doing it feels strange, and it's interesting--because before I couldn't have told you where I'd get the time.